The Graduate Teaching Assistants Coalition (GTAC) represents the interests, concerns, and voices of all GTAs at the University of Kansas. GTAC was recognized as the representative body of KU’s GTAs in 1995, meaning that GTAC negotiates with KU Administration regarding working conditions of GTAs. GTAC is run by GTAs, for GTAs. Our representative structure is outlined in our bylaws.

GTAC is organized under the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) an affiliate of the American Federation of Labor and Congress Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO). AFT represents a wide constituency from PreK-12 educators, nurses and health professionals, higher education faculty and staff, paraprofessionals and school-related personnel, government employees. AFT Kansas is the largest public employee union in Kansas. We are proud to have strong roots in organizing educators across the country.

GTAC serves and negotiates on behalf of all GTAs at KU. We are working to negotiate better wages, benefits, job security, and health insurance. GTAC provides legal representation to GTAs in case of undue termination of employment, and advocates for its members’ interests. GTAC also provides community and support through an interdisciplinary network of GTAs across KU.

We are currently focusing on growing GTAC’s active membership, in order to better represent the diverse voices and needs of our GTAs. The more members we have, the more power we have in negotiating fair compensation. For more information, follow us facebook or twitter or email us at kugtac.union@gmail.com. Join us, and make your voice heard!

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